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Post-Bedroom Agression

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Just finished this!! It is a live recording of a show I had at Satan’s Cove dubbed “Night of the Living Dank”. The show happened on July 12th and it was super fun. The performers were awesome and this is something I’m very proud to put out.

- Gaius
- Aretwo
- Hunter-Gatherer
- Cailen Dye
- I,Benign
- Anti-Freeze

Cassette ONLY for now. Run of 15.

Each cassette was spraypainted and some copies probably squeek a bit because I’m using ancient tapes from ten thousand years ago. If it’s fucked, I will refund you or give you something else.

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New summer demo! Featuring tracks from “Yellow”, “Black Dog”, and some new stuff. All acoustic, recorded in a bedroom. From Russia with love.

Digital Download
Cassettes (Soon)

ARTWORKCOMINGSOONIPROMISE! A friend is doing it for me. Probably the first time anyone has contributed artwork.

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The debut full-length by the dance-rock gangsta Masked Boy. A work of art produced spontaneously within a day to shake the masses into a frenzied dance for all of eternity. Jump tha fuck up.


MB will have some limited cassettes in time for his August 2014 tour and I don’t doubt that he’ll probably have a CD release sometime soon. Get it while it’s hot.

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A strange mix of harsh jams and improvised noise. Warshelter is a mysterious project from the depths of London and it will remain in the caverns of obscurity until this label self-destructs.

Cassette (With bonus tracks!)

Cassettes will be a short run. Maybe 10 or so… They will have bonus tracks on side-b from the first era of Warshelter. Get sucked.

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Bought 168 tapes off a lady the other day and will be using it to put out a mass array of Why Gang releases…

In order:

Warshelter/Self-Titled- New project that just dropped some tunes the other day. Hardcore jams. (Literally)

Aurelia/Living Ghost - LIVING GHOST ON TAPE?? Yeah, it’ll probably happen. It’ll be a short run but whatever.

Anti-Freeze/8-Bites - 8 Bites on cassette? Srsly? Yep. While I’m not stoked on this release and can’t include any of the remixes/covers I did, I think putting it out physically has been long overdue.

Weirdonia/Space Heads - Another long overdue release. There hasn’t been a physical copy yet so I’ll be doing one up in time.

Anti-Freeze/Black Dog - The unreleased album that has yet to be finalized.. I promise it’s on the way. The tape looks fucking awesome. Will be doing CD-Rs as well and won’t be dropping it digitally for some months!!

Anti-Freeze/Yellow - I love the cover and how this tape looks. It’s so sweet. I listened to it again the other day and a lot of the songs give me some good/bad memories. It’s hard to appreciate my solo stuff due to self-deprecation but once in awhile, I can listen to it and feel alright.


Various/Live @ Satan’s Cove July 12th - I literally just had this show and recorded it onto tape. We did an ambient/drone/weird music night and it was awesome so I will be excited to put this out on tape.

Isolation Order?/???? - Dave was talking to me about doing a release.. I forget what. I can’t keep up anymore.

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So happy with how this turned out. This is the split tape between Anti-Freeze/Disleksick. The tape is akin to a grizzly bear eating a police officer so try to picture that as my black metal decimates your face and Disleksick pounds nails into your skull.

Limited quantities all done up and released courtesy of my bb Robin from Radish House Records.

Not ours but get it anyways!

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Upcoming Summer Projects…

Mok’ra! Haven’t made an update in awhile so here’s what’s on our list of things to do for the summer.

Within a short period of time, we hope to have some copies of the Weirdonia/The Fuzz Split 7” that was put out by our good comrade Jason of Melting Records. The record is already out in Japan, Europe, the U.S and probably other places. Sign up for his mailing address because he’s got lots of cool stuff in the works. As for future Weirdonia plans, only time can tell but we’re both hoping to do stuff together in the future.

With animation capabilities at his side, Masked Boy hopes to be producing an animated web series for the universe that has given us all of our monikers and names. Basically all the names from Weirdonia to Why Gang are in this universe and we’ve always wanted to produce something that could showcase it. We’ve had the universe and character concepts since the days of Grade 6 and they haven’t gone away entirely. When it will be released is uncertain but we’re going to be extremely excited to put it out and maybe even do a physical VHS compilation.

Masked boy I believe is also in the process of writing more music and booking an August tour with the comrades in Good Things. He is also playing Radish Fest on Friday back to back with Anti-Freeze for the first time so long as his work doesn’t pull any funny business.

On the Anti-Freeze front, there’s a new album to be dropped that is dubbed “Black Dog”. The album itself is a collection of songs (Minus the politics and acoustic guitar elements from Yellow.) that reflect negative inner thoughts through the concept of the black dog. It’s a release that will be put out physically first so there will be only one way to get it and it’s going to be one of the best Anti-Freeze albums to date so you have to buy it or else you’ll be a loser.

There will also be a split 5 min tape with London noise insurgents Disleksick. That one however will be put out via Radish House Records so you will be encouraged to buy from there. The tape features a million Disleksick songs on one side and one extensive black metal song on the other.

Aurelia has also been slowly but surely chipping away at a new release called Concordia Discors. It is an EP with all new songs that expand upon the ideas from Living Ghost. The EP will be a good supporting tool for the brief tour in July that we’re excited about. Will be hitting up the usual SW Ontario and Montreal. More info on that to come.

I also know that Mike from Bloodmoon has a solo project in the works though my knowledge on that project is limited. Keep your eyes peeled in some sort of gruesome and horrifying way.

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The Shire - Volume i.
An hour and a half worth of music over the span of three shows. Check it out to see how London shows have gone this year. There will be more in the future and we hope to put this out on DVD someday like the original plan was supposed to be.

Big thanks to the supporters and the bands for being sweeties.

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