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Tabling at the Sete Star Sept show in London on Sunday!


- Anti-Freeze: Black Dog (first run of 14 copies. It’s only on cassette for the next while.)
- Aurelia: Living Ghost
- Night of the Living Dank (Live recording feat. Gaius, I,Benign, Hunter-Gatherer and more!)
- TWO copies left of the Disleksick/Anti-Freeze split done up by Radish House Records/ Tapes
- Disleksick: Fifth Year Live Assault (12 tape run. Dubbing right now.)
- Warshelter (mysterious jams)
- masked boy: “Where’s the mask?”
- Weirdonia: FREAKS! and possibly a short run of our recent album Space Heads if I get to it
- Remaining Anti-Freeze cds (Aftermath, Yellow, and a mix CD from last year)
- Possibly will have some copies of Biddulph Peace Society (New london folk punk) ready!!!

Tapes are all PWYC but it would be nice to get a toonie or so for each one to cover costs. If you want a stack of them, we can make a deal.

- Preston

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News! Updates! Happiness!

Hello world, some updates on the way. Mostly on the topic of upcoming tapes as I am using up the box of old tapes I got off kijiji for releases. Thus far, they’re noisy and muddy due to age so expect the tapes to sound just like that. Fuck ya quality control.

An upcoming string of Disleksick tapes will be released in due time. The tape is of their fifth year anniversary show. Recorded to tape, released to tape, angry as can be.

Also on tape will soon be Aurelia's debut “Living Ghost”. The dub is pretty quiet but it's on that format if you care enough. While this happens, we are still working on our upcoming EP “Concordia Discord” which is looking more at a fall release.

Both Masked Boy and Anti-Freeze will be doing a split tape to which the Anti-Freeze side is completed. It is a black metal song recorded in the newly crafted “Dank Blanket Studios”, a Masked Boy creation with an absurd amount of blankets and a whole lotta love.

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NEW SHITS ON THE WAY! Well, not really new but new dubs for you tape freaks.

"Black Dog", my technically fourth album that features brand new songs that normally would be on acoustic. Though I plan on releasing acoustic versions of some of them on the aforementioned "Summer Tape”, there is no acoustic on the album. There’s even a couple black metal songs for shits. Doing those tapes up right now and plan on having a first run of about 14. I will also be enlisting the help of a tape enthusiast to dub more and his will probably be 10x better than mine.

Next, I have about four personal copies of masked boy’s debut rocker “Where’s the mask?" to sell at my next events. He has more obviously but it’s there just as a reminder.

After I’m done Black Dog, I’ll be doing about 12 copies of Aurelia’s “Living Ghost" album. Even though our fanbase doesn’t really listen to cassettes, they will be there for those interested. Hopefully the next EP (tracking finishing soon) will be on cassette as well.

Finally, my compilation release “8 Bites" will be finally put on tape before it is never physically released again. The O-card is nicely wrapped up and has a picture of a bear in a hammock on the back. Oh also a picture of an incestuous grandmother. I don’t really care about this release anymore but whatever. They’ll be like 10ish copies of that.

Also, don’t forget that I also still have copies of the Warshelter tape, FREAKS, Anti-Freeze Split w/Disleksick (Not officially Why Gang), and the live tape Night of the Living Dank. Tapes tapes tapes. I need a new carrying bag for all this stuff.

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Just finished this!! It is a live recording of a show I had at Satan’s Cove dubbed “Night of the Living Dank”. The show happened on July 12th and it was super fun. The performers were awesome and this is something I’m very proud to put out.

- Gaius
- Aretwo
- Hunter-Gatherer
- Cailen Dye
- I,Benign
- Anti-Freeze

Cassette ONLY for now. Run of 15.

Each cassette was spraypainted and some copies probably squeek a bit because I’m using ancient tapes from ten thousand years ago. If it’s fucked, I will refund you or give you something else.

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The debut full-length by the dance-rock gangsta Masked Boy. A work of art produced spontaneously within a day to shake the masses into a frenzied dance for all of eternity. Jump tha fuck up.


MB will have some limited cassettes in time for his August 2014 tour and I don’t doubt that he’ll probably have a CD release sometime soon. Get it while it’s hot.

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A strange mix of harsh jams and improvised noise. Warshelter is a mysterious project from the depths of London and it will remain in the caverns of obscurity until this label self-destructs.

Cassette (With bonus tracks!)

Cassettes will be a short run. Maybe 10 or so… They will have bonus tracks on side-b from the first era of Warshelter. Get sucked.

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Bought 168 tapes off a lady the other day and will be using it to put out a mass array of Why Gang releases…

In order:

Warshelter/Self-Titled- New project that just dropped some tunes the other day. Hardcore jams. (Literally)

Aurelia/Living Ghost - LIVING GHOST ON TAPE?? Yeah, it’ll probably happen. It’ll be a short run but whatever.

Anti-Freeze/8-Bites - 8 Bites on cassette? Srsly? Yep. While I’m not stoked on this release and can’t include any of the remixes/covers I did, I think putting it out physically has been long overdue.

Weirdonia/Space Heads - Another long overdue release. There hasn’t been a physical copy yet so I’ll be doing one up in time.

Anti-Freeze/Black Dog - The unreleased album that has yet to be finalized.. I promise it’s on the way. The tape looks fucking awesome. Will be doing CD-Rs as well and won’t be dropping it digitally for some months!!

Anti-Freeze/Yellow - I love the cover and how this tape looks. It’s so sweet. I listened to it again the other day and a lot of the songs give me some good/bad memories. It’s hard to appreciate my solo stuff due to self-deprecation but once in awhile, I can listen to it and feel alright.


Various/Live @ Satan’s Cove July 12th - I literally just had this show and recorded it onto tape. We did an ambient/drone/weird music night and it was awesome so I will be excited to put this out on tape.

Isolation Order?/???? - Dave was talking to me about doing a release.. I forget what. I can’t keep up anymore.

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